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Shore Metal Madness Fest V
March 11th 2017
Darkness Descends/ Shattered Skin/ The Inversion Circus/ Metal Life Crisis/ VSSLS/ Circuitry/ Continuum/ Cyperna/ Stagger/ Ikillya

One of Jersey shore's longest running Metal festivals has come and gone. 
Not before laying Devastation in it's wake!
5th year, which means 1/2 a decade.

Many local legends as well as signed bands have shared the stage.
All for one common Goal.
To bring Metal to it's Masses!

A large crowd filled the sticky hallowed room at the Legendary Brighton. Fans of all ages, gathered to see their favorite bands.
Darkness Descends:
The double D. Crew are basically no more, but got together for this special day. 
I had the pleasure in seeing the band's swan song at the last Darkness Fest, but seeing them for this one off show, gave me a lump in the throat.
Angry Jay and crew (even with a little Mike trouble), got the audience warmed up, with their own brand of Hatecore!

Shattered Skin:
First time watching these guys.
Strange mixture of Power Metal and vocalist Ryan B. Goes into a Black Metal vocal style.
Remember boys & girls, Strange is never a bad thing.

The Inversion Circus:
3 piece Instrumental progressive rock, that has everyone talking about.
They just put out a split cd, with fellow non vocal band VSSLS. Check 'em out!
T.I.C., sounds like Background Porn music for Rock fans.
It's also catchier, than Herpes.

Metal Life Crisis:
This is one of the Hardest working bands on the Jersey Circuit!
The band plays No Holds Bar Power Metal.
A huge following to help the band spearhead to the front of their game.
A must see attraction!

Intergalactic Instrumetalcore Pioneers have made their return!
Promoting not one, but two releases!
The split with The Inversion Circus and The Nihilist ep.
The band has seemed to be a little more Aggressive, than previous shows.
A Robotic thumbs up fellas! 👍

Why, Oh, Why, isn't Victory Records banging on their front door?
This band, time and time again has proven to be better, than anyone on their Roster!
(I know, big sentence, but I get annoyed, when certain bands get overlooked!).

Hailing from C.T.
Yeah, you heard me talk about this band before. Not going to be the last either!
Female fronted Melodic Death Metal.
Fronted by the lovely Brenda St. Amant.
One minute, Ms. Amant is a Demonic force from Hell and the next, an Angel with a Symphonic voice.
Her Onstage banter has also made her one of the funniest front woman of her craft!
As for the other band members, Tight and Brutal!

Hardcore legends from C.T.
At this time, I was hungry and made my way to the bar!
By the time I ordered my burger and fries, Cyperna's set was over😢.
But I was watching them through the bar mirror.
Always a Shore Metal favorite and always give 110%.
The band was also giving out free CDs. If you didn't get one, your loss!

I haven't seen these guys since they played Filthadelphia!
Playing tracks off of Liquid Date and some that hopefully, will be on their Solphmore release!
Always a crowd pleaser at the Brighton!

From NYC
Call it Thrash or Street Metal, this band is making a ton of noise!
The band is finishing up their 2nd release Order War For An Idea and should be out in a month or two.
By the time, the band took to the stage, the crowd thinned out.
Only the dedicated and hardcore fans stayed till the last of their set!
Looking forward into seeing them again!
Cheers 'N Beers to the Masses who made this a Night To Remember!
Stagger- always looking to make this event bigger and better than the last.
Smitty- Zenergy Entertainment Group- thank you for your words of encouragement and t-shirt.
Chris and Patty- Old Bridge Metal Militia/ Militia Nation
OFNR Studios
Cold Cock Whiskey
Sandi and Go Lightly Photography-
The Queen of Rock Photography
D.J. Dukats- Nuclear Rock Radio
Jerry Declet- The Metallicave radio Show
Jeff Rosario- Immortal Prints
Dan Caputo- Negative Sky / #1 scene supporter
Sydney Leigh- my Sista, from anutha Mista
Rich Robertson, Johnny Frobag Gallagher of Scars Of Envy
Phil Slutter
Mark Hazen
Chris Scherzinger
Philip Antone- Uber Fanatic
Bob Marino
Brian Smith
Eric Diamonte
Dave Hulse
Shawn Kaiser- my Brutha
Tony Mica- my other Brutha
Kurt Schmidhausler- sorry we didn't get to talk
Angry jay- seeing back on stage, where you belong
To the bands:
Darkness Descends
Shattered Skin
The Inversion Circus
Metal Life Crisis
Stagger and their wives and children
To everyone else I may have forgotten, participated or just showing up!
Are you ready for Shore Metal Madness # 6?
I am!

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